Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Introducing Casey......

A sneak peak from this mornings photo shoot. Casey's older brother Callum is in Miles' Prep class this year. At 13mths old Casey has been walking for about a month now. She may be super quiet however she is also super active! I don't think she sat or stood still for longer than a few seconds the whole time. (Oh except when she took interest in a pile of dirt and bark in one of the garden beds - I thought only boys did that?)

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Don't overlook what's in your own backyard.

Too often I hear people who have a love of photography complain that they just haven't had time to get out and take photos. It's an easy excuse to make about many aspects of our life however, I always struggle to understand how people can use this excuse in relation to their photography.

The great thing about photography is that once you have that most essential piece of equipment - a camera - the possibilities are endless. First things first...PICK IT UP, there that wasn't so hard was it? Now the next most important thing is to turn it on and start clicking! From here you can either just walk around the house clicking away randomly until something catches your eye or you can step outside. Inhale......exhale...... ahhhhh how good is that fresh air?

When we live in the same house every day, drive to work the same way every day, shop at the same grocery store every week, we start to overlook things that may be of interest to others.

On a recent trip to Rolleston (where the *beep* is that you say?) here is a link, with Bluedog Photography Danielle and I were seen walking the streets and clicking away on many different subjects. Now those that live in the North Western town of Rolleston may not have understood if they saw us, what the attraction with that particular object was. This article on the Bluedog Blog might explain what I'm trying to say a bit better. 

One night during our stay, after having dinner at the Pub, a local caught me taking photos of a little green frog near our table. "Why are you taking photos of a frog?" he asked. My reply was simply a) because they are cute and b) we don't have many of these guys back home. "*beep*ing frogs....." was his response. Now I appreciate when you have hundreds of green frogs jumping around you every day the novelty may wear off but I was loving it! His frank response still brings a grin to my face.

Now appreciating things that are in my backyard isn't a new concept to me. Since my love of photography got serious, I've quite often been content to snap away in my own backyard. With young children and working full time you don't feel like you have much time to 'play', but really it only takes just a few minutes outside or on a particular subject to feel like you've achieved something photographically for the week. The lead image along with the two below were all taken literally 10 steps away from my living room.

Why not even visit a local park or local attraction? Have you ever really spent time looking at what's around your local area?

Chung Tian Buddhist Temple at Underwood
We have soooooo much available to us just a few steps away - the challenge, as always, taking that first step.