Monday, December 19, 2011

When character shines through.

I mentioned in an early post how much fun this particular session was. Theo is around the same age as one of my own boys and so full of life and fun. He was climbing up wall, trees, surfing on logs and you would have seen in the blog post recently how many different faces you can get out of him in a very short space of time! Theo's Mum just glows in front of the camera - I simply couldn't understand why she was as anxious as she was about having photos taken but there was no reason at all to worry. It was lovely to see the special connection between Mother and Son.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pure joy {Brisbane Family Photographer}

Pure joy is what I see in this Mum's face whenever she looks at her daughter. It's beautiful. I love seeing (and photographing) the joy and adoration between parents and their children - it's always something special.

I first met Kristy and Dan earlier this year when Kristy booked me to photograph her friends 30th. It was such a fun night and I was so pleased when she contacted me about taking some family portraits. Poor little Lara broke out in a nasty rash the day prior to our session however with a little TLC in Photoshop the rash is barely noticeable in the resulting images. Oh and I had to include the last shot, it just cracks me up every time I look at it! Lara had apparently just learnt to frown so I was lucky enough to catch a few adorable frowns on camera ;)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The many faces of Theo...... {Brisbane Family Photographer}

I had so much fun at this recent session. Considering it was booked as a 30min Mini Session you can tell how much fun we were having when I was still clicking away an hour later! More on the actual session with Theo and his beautiful Mum later, for now I just wanted to share a (small) collection of the many faces of Theo that I was treated to during our afternoon together.

Such a character :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

In seven short months..... {Brisbane Family Photographer}

......they can go from this:

 to this (yet still keep that super cute frown!):

I caught up with Miss Mia and her family again recently and this time they were joined by Mia's Grandparents visiting all the way from Wales. As anyone with family overseas knows, it is such a special time to have those who are usually so far away close by and developing a relationship with your child. It was also nice to hear that Mia's Grandparents next visit, early next year, will be a more permanent one. Mia is such a placid happy girl so it came as a surprise to hear that she has already been kicked out of her first school....sleep school! Thankfully and much to her parents delight she is now sleeping much better and we know what a difference that makes to both the child AND the parents of a non-sleeping child! Thank you for a lovely afternoon, I am already looking forward to the next installment...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Underbelly Razor Cast Party {Corporate Event Photographer}

A few weeks back I was an official photographer at the 4BC/Channel 9 Underbelly Razor Cast Party at the Treasury Casino. My main brief was to look as 1920'ish as possible so my 5D was disguised into an 'olden day' camera complete with black cloth over the tripod and there were curls a plenty with my hair - something quite different for me!

It was a great night with cast members happily mingling with the crowd during the night and brave men lining up to have their faces shaved with a cut throat razor. Here are just a few snaps from the night, more can be found on my website. Oh and if you didn't catch the current series of Underbelly, (it was a cracker!), you can view them here.

Oh and just in case you are interested in what both my camera and myself would look like if we time travelled back into the 1920' is a rough idea ;)

Authentic enough?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An afternoon by the River {Brisbane Family Photographer}

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Venessa and her family on a recent Saturday afternoon. We met at a location by the Brisbane River where Venessa and her Husband were married 7 years ago. Not only have they been blessed with 7 years of marriage they are also blessed with the most beautiful daughter, Ella. She is simply the cutest little creature with the most adorable little voice. Spending time with her made me miss that age in children. The age where they are old enough to walk about and communicate their needs to some degree but young enough to find HUGE excitement in a boat going past, seeing a dog run by or simply collecting leaves. Made me realise how often we overlook and forget to enjoy the simple things in life. Anyway, I digress! 

Here are some of my favorites from our session. Apart from the fact it was blowing a gale that day (seriously windy!), it was a lovely afternoon. My own family met up with us at the end of the session and I'm pretty sure Lachlan could have taken Ella home! Actually he was a perfect little assistant as Ella just kept looking at him with a huge grin on her face at a time during the session where most 17mth olds are getting cranky from having to have a camera in front of them for too long. Must remember to book him in for future sessions ;)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Picture Perfect {Brisbane Family Photographer)

I spent a lovely afternoon with this beautiful family yesterday. Still to sort through the rest of the images however I couldn't wait to share these two from our time together. How cute is little Ella?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fun, Fresh & Festive - Pre Christmas Sessons {Get in Quick!}

Christmas is coming quicker than you think! 

Book in for your 30min Pre Christmas Session now!

Perfect for:
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Sessions details:
  • 30min sessions jam packed with festive fun! Perfect length to enable you to fit them in after School and/or Work mid week along with weekends.
  • Use your own Christmas props or I can bring some along.
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  • Email: to book your place.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kara & Andrew's Surprise Wedding {Brisbane Wedding Photographer}

Never before have I been to a wedding where the Bride & Groom (and the rest of the family) are so relaxed throughout the entire day..... until I met Kara & Andrew. After 8 years together they were married last month aboard a 76ft yacht off the Gold Coast. Now even though the day, location and boat plans all had hiccups and last minutes changes Kara & Andrew were as calm as they could be, realising as many of us don't on their 'big' day, that the little details don't matter. All that matters is that they were doing things their way, stress free and with their nearest and dearest.

Their nearest and dearest were the only ones who knew they were getting married that day, the rest of their family and friends were preparing for their Engagement Party at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron later that night (coincidentally the Marriage Celebrant and myself also had our Wedding Receptions here!).

After a week of nothing but rain, the clouds cleared and the Gold Coast put on a beautiful day, a perfect day to be out on a boat. After a cruise around the Spit the anchor was dropped and the ceremony began. Even at this time there were no sign of nerves or stress from either Kara or Andrew. Following a simple but touching ceremony the official announcement was made and sealed with a kiss that knocked the brides veil off - literally. An impromptu 'high five' finished off the occasion and everyone settled down to enjoy the cruise around the Gold Coast canals for the next few hours. Once docked back at the Marina everyone headed back to Brisbane where Kara & Andrew surprised their Engagement Party guests with the news that they were actually already married! A big surprise for even the most skeptic of guests who were predicting they were getting married that night.....

I left them later than night as the party was well into way and all I can say is what a way to get married! Calm, stress free, relaxed, perfect. Congratulations Kara & Andrew, wishing you all the very best in the years to come.

Civil Celebrant: Lisa Blackmore - I-Do Weddings

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

"In the cherry blossom's shade there's no such thing as a stranger." 

I recently photography a family in the local area. Their one request was that it had to be in front of their Cherry Blossom Trees they had planted around their house. Of course I managed to snap a few images of just the flowers themselves while I was there :)  

The cherry blossom is a very delicate flower that blooms for a very short time. For the Japanese this represents the transience of life. This concept ties in very deeply with the fundamental teachings of Buddhism that state all life is suffering and transitory. The Japanese have long held strong to the Buddhist belief of the transitory nature of life and it is very noble to not get too attached to a particular outcome or not become emotional because it will all pass in time. The fallen cherry blossom is not taken lightly in Japanese symbolism either. It often represents the beauty of snow and there are many connections made in Japanese literature or poetry to a fallen cherry blossom and snow. This also has been extended to the life of a warrior whose life was ended early in battle.

Article Source:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh to be 21 again! {Brisbane Event Photographer}

And I'm getting further away from it every year! Actually, it doesn't seem like that long ago but it's always the usual story, if you only knew then what you knew now...... Anyway, enough about me...... 

Cassie, the gorgeous blonde in the images below turned 21 a few weekends back and celebrated with her family and closest friends with a party that was fancy dress but with no set theme. There were Princesses, Pigs, Bananas in Pajamas, Beauties and their Beasts, a few furry creatures and even some life sizes presents along with more than one Minni Mouse, oh and Little Red Riding Hood was also spotted getting far to close to some furry creatures - did she not learn her lesson by now?! It was lovely to meet Cassie and her family along with all her friends (there some killer heels on display! but I digress....), a great night was had by all and the party was certainly kicking up a notch by the time I left. Unfortunately I have yet to learn the fate of the Pink Pig in the last image who arrived just a few minutes before I was due to leave and by the looks of it didn't receive the warmest of welcomes......hopefully his drink was the only liquid split that night :)

Happy 21st Cassie, I hope you had a fantastic night and I wish you all the very best in the years ahead.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Out Numbered 4 to 1 {Brisbane Family Photographer}

I've known Toni-Ann for a number of years now through a mutual friend and was surprised to hear that they were expecting child #3 earlier this year. After ten patient years of waiting, Toni-Ann and Greg were blessed with little Patrick and Thomas just over three years ago. As anyone who has been through or knows a family who has long awaited a child you would understand that you would expect the same to happen next time around. Not for this family! Little Matthew was one of those 'surprise' moments with Matthew joining them a few months ago - increasing the male/female ratio out of Toni-Ann's reach just that little bit more! You can see Matthew has settled so easily below, totally oblivious to his brothers giggling away.

How cute are Patrick and Thomas! As any one with children knows, getting two 3yr old boys to sit still for even just a short period of time can be a challenge so we simply moved outside, pulled out the bubble machine and let them run! More of those images to come later. Oh and I have never seen eyelashes on two children longer than Master P & Master T! I'll be sure to post a pic of those also, seriously, they almost need trimming they are that long! Hope you enjoy your images Toni-Ann, it was a pleasure taking them x

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Surprises, Strippers and plenty of Smiles...... {Brisbane Event Photography}

One of the benefits of being a photographer is the opportunity to meet some great people and be privileged enough to see just a small snippet of their lives and loved ones. Last Saturday night I was asked to photograph a surprise party for Nikki's 30th. Great people, great music, karakoe and a stripper even made an appearance adding to the birthday girls surprise! (You should have seen all the cameras being dug out when he arrived!) 

Special thank you to Kristy for the booking, it was lovely to meet you. Kristy, the images are now up on the website for Nikki and her guests to view, if you haven't already received your email with the password it should arrive shortly. (Quick link to your images)

This party was certainly in full swing by the time I left, I hope everyone continued to have a fabulous night.  
Happy 30th Nikki, you have a beautiful family!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Meet Max {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

Little Max Hudson long awaited arrival into this world was celebrated on 8th July by two very adoring parents and a proud big brother Ben. I was fortunate to be asked to capture his super cute self when he was a day shy of two weeks old. I love newborns, their smell, their skin, their innocent faces, their cute little noses dotted with milk spots, their little cries, their teeny feet and fingers....seriously I could go on and on and ON. I even love them so much I jump in to change a dirty bottom (after a little mishap while shooting) without second thoughts. It was only when I did this the other day and half way through I realised that Max's parents were standing right next to me and I think, hmmm, maybe I should have asked first?!

Anyway meet little Max Hudson. Welcome to the world little guy and thank you for allowing me some cuddles.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Every get that feeling you're stuck in the middle of nowhere?

On the road out of Birdsville.

At least you would be well catered for here!

This cool (literally it would be in Winter!) living room is a random sight on the road in or out of Birdsville on the Birdsville Track. I would love to know who actually placed the first piece of furniture here however it has obviously developed over the years into what now stands as a fully 'functional' living room complete with TV, microwave, washing machine, stove, lounge AND toilet. We were time poor when leaving Birdsville on this trip and we only had enough time for a quick 'stop and snap' before continuing on. I have a number of ideas I would like to play with photographically next time I'm passing, time permitting.

I am STILL yet to sort through all my Outback images from April this year however was just flicking through some this afternoon when this caught my eye as it reflects my current mood.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cambodia Bound

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia (Image from Wikipedia)

I firstly need to preface this post by thanking my Husband for the trip I am about to embark. There are not too many Husbands (that I know of at least) that would selfishly send their partner on an overseas trip so they can explore their passion (mine which is photography) while they stay at home and keep everything running. This is not the first time he has done this either.... In October 2009 Grant arranged for me to spend a week in Vanuatu and the day I flew out was actually our wedding anniversary. This time I'm off to Siem Reap, Cambodia, with my friends at Bluedog. So with all my heart I thank you Grant for supporting and allowing me to go and do the things I'm passionate about xxx

I have spent the last 6 months (I received the trip as a Christmas gift) trying to prepare myself for what I will see, taste, feel and experience while in Siem Reap. This is not a location when you simply sit back with a cocktail and soak up the sun. The weather will actually be humid, it is the rainy season so there will also be plenty of rain and clouds which leads to soggy clothes and mud!

For a start, there is a reason Cambodia is referred to as a third world country, there are plenty of health risks associated with visiting. A visit to the Dr's left me feeling like a pin cushion after needles for Hep A, B (2 doses), Typhoid, Tetanus, Flu Shots, plus prescriptions for Malaria - which I need to start taking 2 days before I leave and continue to take each until for 2 weeks AFTER I return home - Gastro, Antibiotics, Nausea....the list goes on. The good news is that general health is on the rise in Cambodia. As of 2010, the life expectancy is 60 years for males and 65 years for females, a major improvement since 1999 when the average life expectancy was 49.8 and 46.8 respectively. The Royal Cambodian Government plans to increase the quality of healthcare in the country by raising awareness of HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases. Along with that Cambodia's infant mortality rate has decreased from 115 per 1,000 live births in 1993 to 54 in 2009. In the same period, the under-five mortality rate decreased from 181 to 115 per 1,000 live births. In the province with worst health indicators, Ratanakiri, 22.9% of children die before age five. Then there are the landmines. UNICEF has designated Cambodia the third most landmined country in the world, attributing over 60,000 civilian deaths and thousands more maimed or injured since 1970 because of the unexploded land mines left behind in rural areas.The majority of the victims are children herding animals or playing in the fields. Adults that survive landmines often require amputation of one or more limbs and have to resort to begging for survival. However, the number of landmine casualties has sharply decreased, from 800 in 2005 to less than 400 in 2006 and 208 in 2007 (38 killed and 170 injured).
(Source: Wikipedia)

For these reasons I will be heading over with an open mind about what I will see over the 8 days we explore Siem Reap and the surrounding areas. Wish me a safe trip and good health, I think I'll need it :)