Friday, December 7, 2012

Newborn love - they are born so perfect! {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

Newborns, newborns, newborns....I could work with them all day! They are born so wonderfully sweet, super cute and soooo content. Everything in the world is right before them and the possibilities of their lives are endless. You can (and I have) spend a whole day just staring at their beautiful little faces, toes, fingers, finger nails, ears..... Lol, if you look back on any of my newborn blog posts I tend to ramble a bit :)

This is Master Liam and he was photographed at a wee 12 days old. They change sooo quickly so it wonderful to be able to capture their 'littleness' before life with a new baby takes over. Welcome to the world little Liam, wishing you a lifetime of wonder and joy......

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How much cuter can you get? {Brisbane Family Photographer}

On a beautiful afternoon I was lucky enough to photograph this beautiful family. Now beauty as they say is only skin deep and I personally truly believe that beauty comes from within. When I'm taking photos of families who have beautiful souls it shows in their images. These are the sessions we live for as a photographers, the sessions where you walk away and just know you have amazing images on your camera and you just can't wait to upload them and start sorting through them. These are the images that you find yourself smiling while editing - it's a fabulous feeling and something that keeps us (well me at least) going back for more. 

You might remember little Miss M below if you follow my Facebook page when I links to a blog "How to make a baby smile"  about the surprise I found in her eyes while editing an image. 

When I arrived home from the session below my husband asked "How did it go" and I reply "Great...." :) He looked at me surprised as I'm usually quite reserved in my judgement until I sort and edit my images but I just knew I had some crackers after this one. Dan manages the Go Kart Centre at Eagle Farm which is a load of fun and Leisa is an amazing Naturopath whom I'll forever be grateful towards after she got my body back on track after a very bad time in July this year. I had lost 8kgs in two weeks and wasn't able to eat anything without being in extreme pain. My GP was simply trying to put a bandaid on the problem and not looking for a solution so after weeks of frustration (and pain) I was recommended to Leisa and remarkably feeling so much better in just a few days. So apart from just simply being a beautiful person she knows how to get people healthy from the inside out! Thanks again Leisa and Dan, looking forward to photographing you again in the future when Miss M (with the super chubbiest cheeks) is a bit older!