Friday, July 29, 2011

Meet Max {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

Little Max Hudson long awaited arrival into this world was celebrated on 8th July by two very adoring parents and a proud big brother Ben. I was fortunate to be asked to capture his super cute self when he was a day shy of two weeks old. I love newborns, their smell, their skin, their innocent faces, their cute little noses dotted with milk spots, their little cries, their teeny feet and fingers....seriously I could go on and on and ON. I even love them so much I jump in to change a dirty bottom (after a little mishap while shooting) without second thoughts. It was only when I did this the other day and half way through I realised that Max's parents were standing right next to me and I think, hmmm, maybe I should have asked first?!

Anyway meet little Max Hudson. Welcome to the world little guy and thank you for allowing me some cuddles.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Every get that feeling you're stuck in the middle of nowhere?

On the road out of Birdsville.

At least you would be well catered for here!

This cool (literally it would be in Winter!) living room is a random sight on the road in or out of Birdsville on the Birdsville Track. I would love to know who actually placed the first piece of furniture here however it has obviously developed over the years into what now stands as a fully 'functional' living room complete with TV, microwave, washing machine, stove, lounge AND toilet. We were time poor when leaving Birdsville on this trip and we only had enough time for a quick 'stop and snap' before continuing on. I have a number of ideas I would like to play with photographically next time I'm passing, time permitting.

I am STILL yet to sort through all my Outback images from April this year however was just flicking through some this afternoon when this caught my eye as it reflects my current mood.