Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sweet little Archie {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

Sweet little Archie was an absolute delight to have in the studio. He slept so well throughout the session and only woke right near the end when he let us know that he thought we had enough images. The softest smoothest skin, perfect features and the sweetest face *sigh*.

Splash Photography is accepting both Maternity and Newborn bookings however places at limited at this time of the year. For more information and pricing email click here. Mention you saw the blog and you'll receive five 8"x10" matted prints from your session.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Miss M's Cake Smash! {Brisbane Child Photographer}

I first photographed the adorable Miss M back here and as you can see she is still as cute as ever.......

To celebrate her first birthday Miss M had a cake smash which ended up in an all inclusive family food fight! Loads of fun and how cute is that Tutu from Frilly Butts?!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Why am I in this business?

I'm not in business because I can take a 'pretty picture' - almost anyone these days can do that. I'm in business because I believe photos are important, I believe we need to be surrounded by photos to be reminded of what is important. Not looking at the computer, the computer isn't an important part of our family so why should we only look at images on our computer? If the worst happens and your computer dies, what happens to all those images? Memories fade (all too quickly). I asked a question the other day on my Facebook Page wanting to see who prints their images? The vast majority said they were on their Computer on the 'One Day' pile. Instead of looking at images on our computer we should be looking at photos on our wall in our loungeroom, our bedrooms, on our book shelves, on our work desk, photos of US. 

I've lost count of the number of times I have heard "I'll book you when I loose 'x' kilos". Do you think our family cares that we have a tummy that rolls over our belt? Do you think our kids care that we have a double chin when we smile? Do you think our parents care that our arms are wider than WE would prefer? 
Or do you think our family will feel regret when they look back on their past and think? 'Why isn't Mum in any of these photos?" Do you think they will say "I wish there was ONE photo of all of us together" or even "I wish we took the time to have more family photos together as the kids were growing up". Stop waiting until you look perfect for YOU. You will never look more perfect to your partner, your friends, your kids or your parents than you do now. WE NEED TO EXIST IN PHOTOS FOR OUR CHILDREN!

As we tend to do when a new financial year clicks over, I've recently spent some time re-evaluating my business. My business NEEDS to make money, I need the income I derive from Splash Photography to pay my bills. It is not a hobby or part time/weekend business, I need my business to be successful and for now success is being able to pay my bills. Now to be successful in my business I need to be better than the person who can take that pretty picture I mentioned above. I often hear back from potential clients with the response "Well XYZ Photography are quoting $79" or "Sorry, I ended up booking another photographer as they were half the price of you". 

I'm OK with that.

There is a reason I'm not the cheapest photographer. I don't offer a disc of images that sit in your draw or on your computer. Once upon a time I did however through re-evaluation I realised that is not why I'm in business.

There is a reason it can take up to two weeks for you to view your images after a session. I take time to process and edit them because I care about giving you the best product possible. I recently received an email that said "I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did on producing such quality and beautiful memories for my family!" It was so lovely hear my clients wonderful feedback.

I'm in this business to succeed and to give people a better service, quality products and produce lifetime relationships. "You are our family photographer now" was a comment made to me on the phone from a client recently . I have now seen her at 4 separate occasions where I have been photographing her family and friends in some way over the past three years. That's what I mean about lifetime relationships. 

I offer an experience, quality service, a product, a physical print that you can display on your wall, to look at every day and remind yourself WHY we work so hard, why we look forward to coming home, why we sometimes miss sports games and school morning teas and why we do what we do for our families. When we look at those photos and canvases on our walls we are reminded in a second why it's all worth it. THIS is why I'm so passionate about photography - you can look at an image and instantly remember where you were, what you were doing, who you were with. THIS is why I'm in business......

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursday {Taking time to find peace}

Back in 2009 the world was an exciting place for me. I had two little boys who were full on yet adorable at ages 3 and 5 and I had discovered photography. I was snapping just about everything! Now for me, my personal photography (when I'm taking photos for me not 'work') is a very relaxing thing. Taking that time out to stroll around, sometimes with no set idea on what I want to photograph, is like therapy. Time to clear the head, let the mind wander and get creative. The big hurdle I had back in 2009 when the image below was taken was that, as I mentioned, I had two little boys who took up all of my available time. One day my Husband said to me "I'll take the kids and have a boy's day, you spend the day with your camera and just have fun" (or something along those words!).

Any Mum knows how wonderful these rare moments are so I didn't check to see if he was joking or not and I was off! I spent the day wandering around the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Powerhouse Museum, New Farm Park and eventually found a wonderful place only a few blocks from where I live. The Chung Tian Buddhist Temple is such a welcoming place. I returned a few times now and always leave energised and at peace.

What this particular day (and now looking back at this image) reminded me is that we all need to take time out every now and then and simply stop, spend time with just ourselves and make time to find peace. I know I need to do it far more often.....

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sweet little Lamb {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

Sweet little Hunter came into the studio just one week young. Although unsettled at first he eventually drifted off to sleep and was a delight to photograph. Many parents tell me when they come in that bubs is not happy without clothes on, but with the right set up and conditions in Studio they soon drift off to sleep which is when all the magic happens!

I'm not sure if it's just me but I'm noticing plenty of growing bellies around my local area lately! If you know of someone who is pregnant and would like Maternity or Newborn images please get them to contact me. Alternatively why not give them a Photography Gift Voucher as a Baby Shower or Arrival gift? These little angels grow far too quickly and it's always so sweet to look back on photos and remember how tiny and sweet they were.

For more information contact: or call Anita on 0413 040 434

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday {Whitsunday Sailing}

Man it's hard to write a blog about sailing the Whitsundays when just looking at this photo makes me want to stop, stare and wish I was back there!

One of my all time favorite holidays is a week sailing the Whitsundays. Hubby and I have been twice now with close friends - hiring a bareboat via the lovely crew at Whitsunday Escape. Now by sailing I mean, on a sail boat with the outboard pottering us around at a very slow pace. The first time we were there and hoisted the sails - during high winds no less - ended (not surprisingly) with rope burns, smashed glass and lost phones. 

A slow pace is how you need to see the Whitsundays anyway. The second time we didn't even take the covers off the sails :)

This image was taken on Whitehaven Beach on the eastern side of Whitsunday Island and is the most photographed beach in Australia. 

To me this photo sums up what I love about the Whitsundays. Blue skies, beaches, crystal clear waters and snorkling. I was never one for snorkling - hated it actually - until I discovered what was under the water at all the amazing little coves you can find up through the islands. Even while shivering from late Winter water temperatures it's hard to get me out of the water.

I have a goal to return next year as I'm overdue for a visit. Actually I'm over due for a Holiday where I just sit, stop, relax, read, chat with friends and laugh....and that's exactly what happens on a boat in the Whitsundays :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Throwback Thursday {Smiley Miley}

Those that have been to my house will recognise the last photo in this series. Taken back in 2008 on my first DSLR while out for dinner one night. I was actually holding Miles at the time as he had fallen asleep. When I pointed the camera at him and started snapping away the flash gave away what I was doing and this little grin appeared. 

Miles has been known as Smiley Miley since he was a baby. He was always happy and always sporting a big (often cheeky) grin. When he started school I was chuffed to hear his class mates also calling him by the same name with out ever hearing it come from us.

I may be bias but I still think he has one of the cutest grins and it warms my heart every time I see it. The canvas print also makes me realise that if this image had not been printed and hung on my wall, I probably would have completely forgotten about it.....but that's a topic for another post :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sweet little Indiana {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

Little Indiana is one of the sweetest babies you'll ever meet. Enough said :)

If you know anyone who is pregnant and interested in having a maternity/newborn session please ask them to contact me asap. Dates can be tentatively booked in and confirmed in the lead up to bubs arrival. 

It's important to book early as babies are best photographed within the first two weeks to ensure they are nice and sleepy (and super cute!) during the session.

Email for more details.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Throwback Thursday {Should We Always Aim for Perfection?}

As a photographer you always seem to aiming to take that 'perfect' photo. The one you look at and love to pieces without afterwards picking it to pieces. "It's not in focus enough", "I should have taken it from another angle", "I should have picked x setting instead of y...." If you have even a vague interest in taking photos you will understand what I mean.

But sometimes we need to stop searching for perfection and just appreciate what is in front of us for what it is and be grateful we are here to see it and in turn have a memory of it to take into the future.

The photo below was taken back in 2008 when I purchased my first Digital SLR. I was sitting out in the back yard one Winters morning having a play trying to figure out what I was doing while the boys did their 'boy' thing. When you look at it from an over analytical technical point of view it's out of focus with a boring background...... When really its PERFECT. Perfect because it shows my two little monkeys as they were then, having fun, carefree and just simply being them. This photo always makes me smile and I loved coming across it while looking for a Throwback Thursday image.

5 years on and this image below was taken just yesterday while scouting for a new location for an upcoming session. I'm immediately drawn to the fact that Miles is still, 5 years on, looking up to Lachlan xxx 

Oh and as usual I'm picky when I look at this - Lachlan's collar is sticking up which right now is driving me crazy that I didn't fix it at the time. Even as I type that I know that in another 5 years I won't care about the collar and I'll say that everything about this image is PERFECT :) Sometimes the non perfect things in an image are what makes it perfect......

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Photography Workshops

After so much wonderful feedback on the impact I've had on people while teaching Photography over the past four years, I have decided run a few workshops myself throughout the year.

These workshops will be focused on things that I love photographing personally. One of the common forms of feedback I've received is that both my passion for photography (and teaching) is obvious and that I'm genuine with wanting to help people, oh and I'm super patient also! :)

I still plan for my business to be more about TAKING images rather than teaching. I believe when you are out there week to week working with clients, couples, families, babies, kids, corporate clients etc you have a bigger appreciation (and constant reminder) on how things don't always go to plan, how to adapt, how to think on your feet and more importantly how to set your camera up to get the best shot possible!

If you are a 'Liker' of my Facebook Page then you would have seen the first of my workshops launched recently. I only plan on rolling these out either when an event comes up that love and have photographed before or on a particular theme that again, I love and have photographed numerous times before.

The Santos GLNG Lights at Southbank is an amazing show that never ceases to surprise me and keep me on my feet over the past two years. If you are interested in joining me for this years on the links below:

Eventbrite - Santos GLNG City of Lights Photographic Workshop

Eventbrite - Santos GLNG City of Lights Photographic Workshop

The other workshop I'm launching today is one that I have been working on for quite some time. Smoke Photography is soooo much fun (and yet can be frustrating at the same time!) You can keep it as simple or as creative as you like. Click on the links below for more information and to book.

Eventbrite - Smoke Photography Workshop

Eventbrite - Smoke Photography Workshop

For the full list of upcoming workshops make sure you check out the list here and bookmark :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Throwback Thursday {Old Mckenzie's Jetty - Fraser Island}

In an attempt to keep this blog ticking over more frequently than it usually is I'm going to start posting a 'Throwback Thursday' post. Dedicated to the past, it will be looking back at images I've taken, places I've been, people I've met or even just revisiting an old image and giving it a new edit.

It's always great to look back and see where we have come from and what we have learned from past experiences.

To kick off Throwback Thursday here is a image from a family holiday on Fraser Island in 2011. 

Landscapes were my first love when I dove into the world of photography and I'm always telling myself I need to get out and do more. I find the whole experience of landscape photography so relaxing and calming. 

One afternoon while staying at the amazing Kingfisher Bay Resort we strolled down the beach towards Old Mckenzie's Jetty with the boys. If they had known how far the jetty was from the Resort (5km return trip) I'm sure they would have fought joining us! It was worth the walk however as they had a ball chasing crabs, finding shells, snakes and spotting dingo tracks :)

I've visited Fraser Island quite a few times now and can't imagine every tiring of it. It's a beautiful island with so much variety and the choice to either stop and relax or get out and explore what it has to offer (or both!). Looking forward to the next adventure on Fraser Island one day :)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A private but personal wedding..

Michelle and Raymond were married at the Registry Office in the City surrounded by their immediate family and close friends. I'm such a sucker for weddings that even when photographing them, I still have to fight back tears - thankful that I have a camera covering my face ;) 

Dodging a few showers on a rainy Friday we ventured down to the local gardens to celebrate and capture this beautiful couple on their day. I absolutely loved photographing these two and it's easy to see why! Happy, relaxed, fun and in love xxx

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why family photography is worth the investment. {Brisbane Family Photographer}

One of my favourite things is watching children grow. You first meet them at a young age, you take in their tiny faces and wonder what they will look like when they grow up. When you do see them grow, you wonder why you thought they would change so much because they still look the same, it's still that same little face from years ago, yet different somehow.

I've seen this family grow from one child, to two and in the not too distant future three ;) More?? Maybe only time will tell although I'm told not!

We always think we'll remember how little they were, those sweet little features, that tiny nose but as time goes on we forget.....until we look back at photos and all the memories comes flooding back. I remember so much of my own childhood thanks only to my father for taking hundreds and hundreds of photographs that I looked year after year and remembered where we were, who we were with and what we were doing. If it wasn't for those photos those memories would not exist. Thanks Dad xx

I posted recently on feedback I receive from one family after their child had started treatment which caused their daughters hair to fall out. Within a few short weeks the images captured reminded them how their daughter used to look and by the time she is finished treatment she would have grown and continued to change yet again. Those photos are now more priceless because they can never be repeated.

When chatting with a friend in the last week I pulled out some photos I had a well known photographer take of my own family around 3 years ago. At the time when we were told of the pricing for the images we (especially my husband!) balked at the cost. We couldn't justify spending that sort of money on photos. When I pulled out those photos to show a friend last week (yes I convinced Hubby to get them) it was not the money spent that I first thought of. I was immediately taken back to how little my boys were, how round their little faces were and how I was so thankful I have those images to help me remember.....

For pricing information and available session times for your family portrait session, contact
Mention this blog post and receive a voucher to the value of $100 towards your images!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Out numbered 5 to 1 {Brisbane Family Photographer}

I have two sons whom I adore to pieces. I really do. However as much as they are wonderful I just couldn't imaging having FOUR of them! In saying that these guys nearly made me change my mind ;)

All four boys in this family were so well behaved and lovely to work with, a real testament to their parents who were just as lovely.

For pricing information and available session times for your portrait session, contact
Mention this blog post and receive a voucher to the value of $100 towards your images!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fabulously 40! {Brisbane Event Photographer}

It seems to be the year for 40th Birthday's this year - there have been several around me including my own darling Husband (as much as he tried to avoid it!).

Events like these are always a pleasure to be involved in. Everyone is having a great time and the Host can simply relax and enjoy the occasion rather than running around trying to get photos with everyone - that's my job :)

If you have an event coming up and would like a photographer to cover the event email: for more details. Dates tend to book ahead of time so check in early to avoid disappointment.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sometimes we don't realise how lucky we are.... {Brisbane Family Photographer}

We all know of life tends to get the better of us most days. We are all 'too busy' we all have 'too little money', 'too little time' etc etc...familiar tune? We complain about how little we have, how much we want, how it would only be easier if....... And yes, to some extend that is true for the majority of us, life would be easier if we didn't have to stress about paying the bills or splurging on a treat for the kids. Sometimes though it's nice to get a kick up the pants and reminded about how lucky we actually are and how much we actually have - it's that word perspective that indeed puts you back in your place.

At my son's school Market Night earlier this year I had a stall displaying my images to promote my portrait sessions. I donated a prize to be drawn during the night for a photography session to the value of $590. When this particular family won, it just felt right. For one, they had entered numerous tickets into my raffle with all fingers crossed and secondly comments from their friends upon hearing they won indicated they were a well deserving family. And yes, they were. While planning their session I found out that one of their daughters has a serious medical condition and was about to start treatment. The timing of these images were very important as she would not look the same during and after the treatment. They were wanting to capture themselves as they were right then in that moment of time. Even by the time they received their images post session they commented that they hadn't realised how much their daughter had changed in such a small space of time due to her treatment.

Our health is something I truly believe we all take for granted (myself included). Days goes by and we put things off till later, we are always looking to the future until something shocks us into realising how important 'right now' actually is.

It's nice to know that 'luck' actually does fall on people who deserve it.  This particular family is often in my thoughts and prayers hoping that their daughter comes out of treatment with a positive result xxx

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"I've never met anyone like that...." {Brisbane Portrait Photographer}

I am WAY behind in my blogging! Sorry, it always seems the more behind I get the harder it is to find the time to even attempt to get up to date. But on this rainy Brisbane day (at the time of typing) I've found some time! Even though I was tempted to say 'lets just start from my current sessions' I wanted to show you all the amazing people I've been lucky enough to work with over the past few months.

The couple below you may remember from the first image I posted on my Facebook Page a while back. These images were from their engagement session earlier this year (the wedding blog with images from their beautiful day is still to come!). So thankful that I have met this couple, beautiful people (along with their super adorable daughter) with an extended family that are just as special xx

The quote on the first image is a direct quote from Kristy when asked one of the things she loves most about Dan. I think the image says it all......

For pricing information and available session times for your portrait session, contact
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

When was the last time you felt beautiful? {Brisbane Boudoir & Glamour Photographer}

As women we are our own worst critiques. We always think we need to be thinner/fitter/healthier/ have longer hair/nails blah blah blah. We waste too much time saying I'll have those photos take of me (or even just updated family portraits) when loose some weight. DO IT NOW! You will never be the way you are now. How many times have you looked back on images of yourself and thought "Gee I wish I knew how attractive I was back then, I wish I loved my body THEN"?? Well trust me, you will do exactly the same thing in 5 years time. So don't regret not having your portrait taken now - give me a call, lock it in and I promise you won't regret it!

Splash Photography is now offering Boudoir Glamour Photography Sessions. Come along and be treated to one hour of hair and make up pampering followed by a photographic session that will show off the best in you! 

A testimonial from a recent session: "I can't stop looking at myself......I was feeling out of shape and old and about to turn 39 and you've made me feel like Megan Gale!" What a wonderful feeling to have :)

Clients are taken step by step through the process of selecting clothing, how to pose all in a comfortable environment (with a female photographer) .....the nerves will float away....

Boudoir session fees are $150 with image packages starting from $200.

If you know your partner struggles every year for Mother Day gift ideas - drop a little hint to let them know I do Gift Vouchers!

AND I'm pleased to announce that I will be offering this session to Kassy S & Toni-Ann R! Congratulations ladies! I'll be in touch with all the details by the end of next week.

For more information contact:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It always comes down to the little things.....

The big things that happen in our life create a big impact don't they? Change of house, career, new routines in life, children...... all of these things are BIG changes and we all know that they have an impact on our day to day life. 

How often though, do we acknowledge the little things? The difference the little things make on both our lives and the lives of others. I've recently received an email from a client that has reminded me of both the big and the little things. The big event in their life was their 20mth old daughter commencing Chemotherapy treatment for a brain tumor this year. Hard to comprehend unless you've experienced it. They had a photography session with me recently and as part of their package (which they didn't know) I included a little photo book with 8 images from their session. It is my gift from me to my clients to say thank you. Thank you for booking me. Thank you for taking the time to allow me to photograph their life. It was was lovely this week when this particular client emailed me to thank me for the photo book and mentioned how perfect it was for them to take to the hospital when their daughter was going through treatment so she could have the photos of those nearest and dearest close to her while something not so pleasant was happening. 

So to that client of mine, thank YOU for reminding me it's the little things. The little things that can sometimes turn out to mean bigger things to other people.....

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Saturday morning Wedding {Brisbane Wedding Photographer}

I love weddings, families and friends getting together to celebrate a beautiful union. Yes Weddings can be stressful however this one was different! This couple held a relaxed wedding in a local park with their nearest and dearest with them on a Saturday morning. It was one of the most easy going events I have ever attended let alone a wedding! After a brief official ceremony and a few drinks to celebrate the bride and groom along with theirs guests had a few hours to themselves before reconvening at another venue for a Mad Hatters Tea Party themed reception! It's a reminder that weddings should not about the 'event' rather than celebrating togetherness and having some fun with those that matter most.