Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh to be 21 again! {Brisbane Event Photographer}

And I'm getting further away from it every year! Actually, it doesn't seem like that long ago but it's always the usual story, if you only knew then what you knew now...... Anyway, enough about me...... 

Cassie, the gorgeous blonde in the images below turned 21 a few weekends back and celebrated with her family and closest friends with a party that was fancy dress but with no set theme. There were Princesses, Pigs, Bananas in Pajamas, Beauties and their Beasts, a few furry creatures and even some life sizes presents along with more than one Minni Mouse, oh and Little Red Riding Hood was also spotted getting far to close to some furry creatures - did she not learn her lesson by now?! It was lovely to meet Cassie and her family along with all her friends (there some killer heels on display! but I digress....), a great night was had by all and the party was certainly kicking up a notch by the time I left. Unfortunately I have yet to learn the fate of the Pink Pig in the last image who arrived just a few minutes before I was due to leave and by the looks of it didn't receive the warmest of welcomes......hopefully his drink was the only liquid split that night :)

Happy 21st Cassie, I hope you had a fantastic night and I wish you all the very best in the years ahead.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Out Numbered 4 to 1 {Brisbane Family Photographer}

I've known Toni-Ann for a number of years now through a mutual friend and was surprised to hear that they were expecting child #3 earlier this year. After ten patient years of waiting, Toni-Ann and Greg were blessed with little Patrick and Thomas just over three years ago. As anyone who has been through or knows a family who has long awaited a child you would understand that you would expect the same to happen next time around. Not for this family! Little Matthew was one of those 'surprise' moments with Matthew joining them a few months ago - increasing the male/female ratio out of Toni-Ann's reach just that little bit more! You can see Matthew has settled so easily below, totally oblivious to his brothers giggling away.

How cute are Patrick and Thomas! As any one with children knows, getting two 3yr old boys to sit still for even just a short period of time can be a challenge so we simply moved outside, pulled out the bubble machine and let them run! More of those images to come later. Oh and I have never seen eyelashes on two children longer than Master P & Master T! I'll be sure to post a pic of those also, seriously, they almost need trimming they are that long! Hope you enjoy your images Toni-Ann, it was a pleasure taking them x

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Surprises, Strippers and plenty of Smiles...... {Brisbane Event Photography}

One of the benefits of being a photographer is the opportunity to meet some great people and be privileged enough to see just a small snippet of their lives and loved ones. Last Saturday night I was asked to photograph a surprise party for Nikki's 30th. Great people, great music, karakoe and a stripper even made an appearance adding to the birthday girls surprise! (You should have seen all the cameras being dug out when he arrived!) 

Special thank you to Kristy for the booking, it was lovely to meet you. Kristy, the images are now up on the website for Nikki and her guests to view, if you haven't already received your email with the password it should arrive shortly. (Quick link to your images)

This party was certainly in full swing by the time I left, I hope everyone continued to have a fabulous night.  
Happy 30th Nikki, you have a beautiful family!