Friday, August 30, 2013

Why am I in this business?

I'm not in business because I can take a 'pretty picture' - almost anyone these days can do that. I'm in business because I believe photos are important, I believe we need to be surrounded by photos to be reminded of what is important. Not looking at the computer, the computer isn't an important part of our family so why should we only look at images on our computer? If the worst happens and your computer dies, what happens to all those images? Memories fade (all too quickly). I asked a question the other day on my Facebook Page wanting to see who prints their images? The vast majority said they were on their Computer on the 'One Day' pile. Instead of looking at images on our computer we should be looking at photos on our wall in our loungeroom, our bedrooms, on our book shelves, on our work desk, photos of US. 

I've lost count of the number of times I have heard "I'll book you when I loose 'x' kilos". Do you think our family cares that we have a tummy that rolls over our belt? Do you think our kids care that we have a double chin when we smile? Do you think our parents care that our arms are wider than WE would prefer? 
Or do you think our family will feel regret when they look back on their past and think? 'Why isn't Mum in any of these photos?" Do you think they will say "I wish there was ONE photo of all of us together" or even "I wish we took the time to have more family photos together as the kids were growing up". Stop waiting until you look perfect for YOU. You will never look more perfect to your partner, your friends, your kids or your parents than you do now. WE NEED TO EXIST IN PHOTOS FOR OUR CHILDREN!

As we tend to do when a new financial year clicks over, I've recently spent some time re-evaluating my business. My business NEEDS to make money, I need the income I derive from Splash Photography to pay my bills. It is not a hobby or part time/weekend business, I need my business to be successful and for now success is being able to pay my bills. Now to be successful in my business I need to be better than the person who can take that pretty picture I mentioned above. I often hear back from potential clients with the response "Well XYZ Photography are quoting $79" or "Sorry, I ended up booking another photographer as they were half the price of you". 

I'm OK with that.

There is a reason I'm not the cheapest photographer. I don't offer a disc of images that sit in your draw or on your computer. Once upon a time I did however through re-evaluation I realised that is not why I'm in business.

There is a reason it can take up to two weeks for you to view your images after a session. I take time to process and edit them because I care about giving you the best product possible. I recently received an email that said "I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did on producing such quality and beautiful memories for my family!" It was so lovely hear my clients wonderful feedback.

I'm in this business to succeed and to give people a better service, quality products and produce lifetime relationships. "You are our family photographer now" was a comment made to me on the phone from a client recently . I have now seen her at 4 separate occasions where I have been photographing her family and friends in some way over the past three years. That's what I mean about lifetime relationships. 

I offer an experience, quality service, a product, a physical print that you can display on your wall, to look at every day and remind yourself WHY we work so hard, why we look forward to coming home, why we sometimes miss sports games and school morning teas and why we do what we do for our families. When we look at those photos and canvases on our walls we are reminded in a second why it's all worth it. THIS is why I'm so passionate about photography - you can look at an image and instantly remember where you were, what you were doing, who you were with. THIS is why I'm in business......

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