Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday {Whitsunday Sailing}

Man it's hard to write a blog about sailing the Whitsundays when just looking at this photo makes me want to stop, stare and wish I was back there!

One of my all time favorite holidays is a week sailing the Whitsundays. Hubby and I have been twice now with close friends - hiring a bareboat via the lovely crew at Whitsunday Escape. Now by sailing I mean, on a sail boat with the outboard pottering us around at a very slow pace. The first time we were there and hoisted the sails - during high winds no less - ended (not surprisingly) with rope burns, smashed glass and lost phones. 

A slow pace is how you need to see the Whitsundays anyway. The second time we didn't even take the covers off the sails :)

This image was taken on Whitehaven Beach on the eastern side of Whitsunday Island and is the most photographed beach in Australia. 

To me this photo sums up what I love about the Whitsundays. Blue skies, beaches, crystal clear waters and snorkling. I was never one for snorkling - hated it actually - until I discovered what was under the water at all the amazing little coves you can find up through the islands. Even while shivering from late Winter water temperatures it's hard to get me out of the water.

I have a goal to return next year as I'm overdue for a visit. Actually I'm over due for a Holiday where I just sit, stop, relax, read, chat with friends and laugh....and that's exactly what happens on a boat in the Whitsundays :)

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