Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sometimes we don't realise how lucky we are.... {Brisbane Family Photographer}

We all know of life tends to get the better of us most days. We are all 'too busy' we all have 'too little money', 'too little time' etc etc...familiar tune? We complain about how little we have, how much we want, how it would only be easier if....... And yes, to some extend that is true for the majority of us, life would be easier if we didn't have to stress about paying the bills or splurging on a treat for the kids. Sometimes though it's nice to get a kick up the pants and reminded about how lucky we actually are and how much we actually have - it's that word perspective that indeed puts you back in your place.

At my son's school Market Night earlier this year I had a stall displaying my images to promote my portrait sessions. I donated a prize to be drawn during the night for a photography session to the value of $590. When this particular family won, it just felt right. For one, they had entered numerous tickets into my raffle with all fingers crossed and secondly comments from their friends upon hearing they won indicated they were a well deserving family. And yes, they were. While planning their session I found out that one of their daughters has a serious medical condition and was about to start treatment. The timing of these images were very important as she would not look the same during and after the treatment. They were wanting to capture themselves as they were right then in that moment of time. Even by the time they received their images post session they commented that they hadn't realised how much their daughter had changed in such a small space of time due to her treatment.

Our health is something I truly believe we all take for granted (myself included). Days goes by and we put things off till later, we are always looking to the future until something shocks us into realising how important 'right now' actually is.

It's nice to know that 'luck' actually does fall on people who deserve it.  This particular family is often in my thoughts and prayers hoping that their daughter comes out of treatment with a positive result xxx

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