Friday, July 29, 2011

Meet Max {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

Little Max Hudson long awaited arrival into this world was celebrated on 8th July by two very adoring parents and a proud big brother Ben. I was fortunate to be asked to capture his super cute self when he was a day shy of two weeks old. I love newborns, their smell, their skin, their innocent faces, their cute little noses dotted with milk spots, their little cries, their teeny feet and fingers....seriously I could go on and on and ON. I even love them so much I jump in to change a dirty bottom (after a little mishap while shooting) without second thoughts. It was only when I did this the other day and half way through I realised that Max's parents were standing right next to me and I think, hmmm, maybe I should have asked first?!

Anyway meet little Max Hudson. Welcome to the world little guy and thank you for allowing me some cuddles.

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