Thursday, August 16, 2012

A celebration of years {Brisbane Event Photographer}

I personally know a number of friends who don't like celebrating birthdays. They avoid at all costs letting people know it's their birthday or if someone asks what they have planned for their birthday it will usually be replied with "Um, nothing, so anyway....*insert change of topic*".

Me? I'm the opposite, I love celebrating birthdays, not just mine but other peoples birthdays as well. Why? For me it's not about the gifts, it's about celebrating all that has happened over the last year of your life, (the good bits along with the bad bits) with family and friends. For me its about letting my friends know how much they have meant to me over the past year, how much their support, friendship, fun times, hard times and just being there has helped me get through the year. Birthday's don't have to be a big expensive celebration. They can simply be a intimate BBQ with scrummy food and a few drinks. It doesn't matter what the celebration entails, as long as you take time out to celebrate. Life is short. Yes, we have all heard it before FAR too many times but we have heard it so often because it's TRUE. Life is busy, life is crazy, life sometimes gets hard, life gets in 'the way' and stops us taking time to appreciate what we have. We need to stop and appreciate what we have right here and least once a year (although I believe it should happen much much more often).

The above is why I love being involved in birthdays, even if it's work! Below are just a few images of Marina's recent 40th Birthday. The Martini Bar at the Story Bridge Hotel is a great venue to celebrate just about anything. The rain pelting down outside this particular evening didn't dampen anyones spirits. Marina was surrounded by her nearest and dearest and by the time I left, everyone was just starting to kick into party mode with the DJ belting out a few tunes. One particular guest told me that they had another event to go to that night however they had decided they were going to be late as they didn't want to leave!
Happy 40th Marina, wish you many more years ahead to celebrate! xx

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