Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The advantages of watching from the sidelines.

As a photographer what I love best is watching people interact. Within a few short minutes you can pick the depth of relationships, bonds and connections between people - simply by watching. When I look back on images taken at family sessions, the ones I love the most are the ones that are not posed, not set up but simply captured 'by chance'. Oh and 'by chance' means having my camera ready, constantly watching and reading my clients to spot 'that' moment. A few months ago I was asked to photograph four generations within the one family. A special occasion at the best of times - to be honest it didn't turn out to be an ideal session, armed with a list of approx 41 individual mixes between family members and an encroaching storm which only gave us 45 minutes from start to finish it was quite rushed. Being rush is something I don't like to feel. However this little gem below was captured near the end of the session (while combination 38 was being rounded up!) It may look posed however both Mum and Daughter were playing around while kneeling on the ground and happened to look up when I clicked the shutter. Capturing these moments constantly reminds me how much I love being a photographer, to be able to record those unique moments between people, friends and family members. Unique moments we all need to stop and appreciate more often.

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